Report an Absence

Please use the below contact methods to report your child(ren) absent from their respective schools.  Review your child's student handbook to familiarize yourself with the policies and guidelines regarding absences.  Additionally, you can review District Policy #5200 and District Regulation #5200, both addressing attendance, by viewing the files located on the right hand side of this page.
Call:  609-654-7707, Option #3
Call:  609-654-4056, Option #2
Call:  609-654-4203, Option #2
Call:  609-654-9610, Option #4
Call:  856-983-2861, Option #2

Instructions: Reporting an Absence or Tardy, please call 856-983-2861 then Press Option 2, or email Mrs. Broderick [email address above] to report absence or tardiness.


Call:  609-953-7014, Option #4
Call:  609-654-6723, Option #2